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Faster - Finally

Riding your ass off and not getting any faster? Following all the rules, like lots of base miles with a healthy sprinkling of high-intensity work. Are you Dedicating all your spare time to the Bike, and seeing minimal returns? It's probably time to allocate some time for Strength Training. When it comes to speed, either on the flats or up the hills. Nothing trumps strength! You see, as a hill gets steeper, or a sprint gets faster, the power necessary to maintain acceleration increases. Not to mention the fact that when going uphill, your Power to Weight ratio is king. Increased maximal strength is effective at advancing both Pro cyclists and Beginners alike. "But wait! I've never done any real strength training before." I hear you say. Lucky you. Because blessed are the weak, for they have the most to gain (from the least amount of effort). You might not even need to touch any real weights to add 10-20% to your peak power. IF you are starting from scratch and you aren't currently dealing with any back, hip, knee or ankle injuries- the Shrimp squat is an awesome place to begin. Check out the video tutorial below to learn how anyone can get started and make quick gains.

My clients want maximal gains from whatever time and energy they have to put into training. So everyone's program is different and tailored to meet the unique demands of their professional and Personal Lives. If you want more Performance, schedule a discovery call with me, and let's see if we're a good fit.

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