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Level-up your Performance

Personalized Online Strength & Conditioning Programs that apply Elite level Sport Science to those of us with every day limitations.

If you want to perform at a higher level and sustain it through a longer, healthier sporting career, The NXFT Performance Program might be right for you.



Mountain Bikers

NXFT's Performance Program

4 Phases to Guaranteed Results.

-A process honed over 15 years of applied practice.

-4 distinct phases, progress at your own pace.

-Make gains quickly and in the long term.


NXFT's 4 Phases of Performance

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Group Workout

The best Value Training.
Hands down

All the benefits of a personal trainer and then some at a fraction of the cost. 

-Expert program design and instruction.

-Visual instruction, coaching and feedback.



-Flexibility, do the workouts when it suits you. Take them on the road when you travel.

- Unlimited workouts, updated weekly for a fraction of the cost of personal training. 

Intense Workout

What's included

-Your own True Coach account. 

-An ever-expanding video exercise library. 

-Initial Video assessment (a little like this one).

-Goal setting & event planning. 

-Contact me whenever you want, and we'll meet once per month via video.

-Personalized training programs,  designed to fit your equipment and schedule.

-Video analysis.

-Personalized Nutrition.





Bike Packing


Lift access Downhill

Back Country 


Hit it further

Hit it straighter

Play with less pain

Return from injury

Do you need help returning to Sports after a period of injury?



I can Ski with confidence again after years of not trusting my knees! I have seen a massive increase in my cardio and strength. Not only that, but I'm now confident walking into any gym and laying down a productive workout.  The Performance Program did exactly what was promised!


Alex helped me hit aerobic levels I never thought were possible. My whole lifestyle is healthier from nutrition, to sleep. And I'm now confident working out on my own, knowing that It's making a difference!


Alex' programming for the MTB has helped me expand my comfort zone for Mountain Biking. I'm now stronger climbing on all day rides as well as technical pedals. I'm sure it's even helped me to descend better, now I can arrive at the top, fresher.

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