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Lifelong Movement

From High-Performance Rugby to Post Injury Rehabilitation and everything in between. My career in Strength and conditioning has placed me in an ideal place to help Competitive and Recreational Athletes hit new levels of performance as well as extend their athletic careers and health span. This is Pro-level Sport Science, that works, reliably even when you have a day job.

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My Story

Greetings!  My journey in the world of sports starts with High Performance Rugby and a degree in Sports & Exercise Science, and leads us to Squamish today where I've now accumulated 15 years of leadership in the Vancouver Fitness Industry and am fully immersed in Mountain Sports. Working with World-Cup level Mountain Bikers, Tour Divide Gravel Riders and Ultra Marathon Runners. Now with a young family, we practice what we preach and spend as much time in the outdoors as we can. Just like most of the Athletes I work with, I juggle the responsibilities of real life with my passion for Athletic Performance and enjoy this great place I get to call home.



Here's a few bullet points that shape my training ethos. 

  1. Long-Term Performance: Taking a performance approach to training enhances both quality of life and life/health spans. Weight management becomes effortless, providing robust protection against illness and injury.

  2. Endless Challenges: There is always another challenge to master, regardless of your athletic level. Continuous improvement is a journey available to everyone.

  3. Constant Progress: Incremental gains in strength, endurance, and flexibility month after month logically extend into later life, requiring just a little dedication and consistency.

  4. Injury Mitigation: Prioritizing injury prevention and rehabilitation is essential to avoid setbacks in your fitness journey. In fact, if it's the only thing you achieve, you're already well on your way to making consistent gains.

  5. Consistency Over Intensity: Progress is a result of consistent weeks and months of training, not isolated intense workouts.

  6. Tailored Strength Training: While everyone benefits from strength training, its form should be personalized based on individual needs and goals as well as adjusted frequently to fit in with life. 

Key Qualifications & Experience:

  • BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science.

  • 12 years of elite-level rugby as a player and trainer.

  • Specialization in exercise rehabilitation

  • Personal training and Trainer development since 2008.

  • Strength Coaching in Canada's adventure capital, Squamish, BC. Since 2017

  • Online Coaching since 2018.

  • Extensive experience in backcountry skiing, road and off-road bike packing, century road rides, mountain bike marathons, and more.

I am dedicated to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals through a holistic and personalized approach, drawing on my diverse experiences and qualifications. If you share a passion for continuous improvement and a commitment to long-term well-being, I look forward to accompanying you on your fitness journey.

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