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Online Coaching - Redefined

NXFT Online fitness provides Personalized fitness programming, in your pocket, from a real-life Coach with decades of experience from Injury Rehab to Elite, High Performance.

Truly Tailored

Your online Coaching program starts with a remote assessment and lifestyle inventory. So we can set SMART Goals and have you seeing improvements in week 1.

Taking a holistic approach, we'll choose the right duration and intensity to fit your life, so your program gets you where you want to go as quickly as possible, with sustainability in mind.

The Goodies

Free Use of the True Coach App helps us ensure...


-Accountability. We'll send you the workouts every day. The App comes with Video Tutorials and provides interactive feedback on your progress and compliance in real-time. We'll be assessing your movement via video, to make sure your form is dialled.


-Live Support & Flexibility - You'll have a direct line to us via TrueCoach, as well as monthly video calls to make sure you're on track.

-Elite Programming - You're getting expert, programming here. From a coach who's been applying it for real people like you, for over a decade. 

- The "NexusFit Vault" exercise library has exclusive drills to help you unlock untapped potential from your body.

-Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching- the support team includes a Holistic Nutritionist, so we can ensure your Diet and Lifestyle isn't holding you back from your goals.

NEW - Wearables tracking so I can keep an eye on your systemic fatigue levels and get ahead of over-training before it happens. 

Constant Results

Taking the Gold standard in exercise programming from the pros and applying it to fit your life, has been our Bread and Butter since day 1.

Programming provides daily and weekly progression. As you tick off one workout after another, you'll hit milestones and be looking back with Satisfaction before you know it! 


Quality of life comes first. Programming adequate rest and balancing work and family are part and parcel of what we do.

Next Steps

1. Fill out the form at the top of the page.

2. We'll contact you to set up a discovery call.

3. If we're a good fit, you can start your program the very next day.

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