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Success Stories - Broken Leg, to Breaking PR's

I started my Professional Training carreer in active Rehabilitation, helping people recover their functional fitness after Car Accidents and Workplace Injuries. Little did I know at the time that it would prove to be one of my strengths as Performance Coach 15 years later.

This week’s client spotlight focusses on Geoff. Geoff is one of our Mountain Bikers, but he didnt have a specific Race or an Epic ride to complete. Rather, Geoff was looking to come back from a serious injury and be able to enjoy Mountain Biking again instead of fearing it…

"I wish I had more of a story to tell, a story that involved me hitting the landing wrong on a ten-foot drop, or edging off that granite face in the Conservation Area, or chuting down the broken-toothed maw of "Slayer" and taking out my front tire, before ejecting spectacularly into a clutch of goldenrod and sweetgrass. Alas, the truth: it was a soft corner through a pile of slimy leaves that would take out the ligaments in my left ankle and snap my tibia, leaving me a hobbled Ben and Jerry's addict for three months.”

Geoff struggled with several different elements of his injury (both mental and physical), making it really difficult for him to bounce back on the bike…

“The problem with injuring yourself on a routine, low-tech turn you've done a thousand times before is that it can destabilise your overall confidence. Injure yourself on a send, and your approach to recovery means shelving that feature until your mind and body are ready to take it--or not. But bail on a ubiquitous pile of autumn flora and, suddenly, the whole forest is out to get you, and every root-gnarl or baby-head has teeth. You go back to square-one and review your basic bike technique to make sure you haven't slacked on a key skill or micro-muscle that would've saved you from going down. And when you get over the initial ego-hit, you take a big breath, crack your neck, and try to figure a way back into the saddle.

Enter the coach.

I'd never considered taking on a bike coach until my injury. But it being the middle of a Covid winter, and my next bike ride seemingly aeons away, I thought I'd give Nexusfit a shot. Coach/owner Alex's approach was professional - which was to be expected - but it was his personal demeanour that spurred me to sign on to the program. As a personal trainer, Alex knew how to help me reach the physical condition necessary for the riding I wanted to do. As a mountain biker, he knew the mental challenges I was going through, empathising with my over-eagerness - and my anxiety - when it came to getting back on the bike. And as a fellow father, Alex intuitively knew of the priorities that structure my life, and was able to offer pragmatic training plans that pushed me while staying manageable.

Last winter was cold and snowy. My mates were out on the fat bikes while I sweated on the trainer and with the weights. Sometimes it was difficult; agonising, even. But I didn't feel isolated in my recovery. When I was unsure of a lift or had a question about wattage, Alex promptly came to my aid. In addition, the monthly check-in sessions recalibrated the training plan to fit my needs, while inspiring me to get back on the bike as soon as I could. In this sense, Alex's program had played a fundamental role in preparing me not only physically, but mentally, for the kind of riding I aspired to.

I was back on the bike in February. It was a crisp, Northern Ontario morning in the forest, when you hear nothing but your own breathing and your tires carving into the snow. As Alex predicted, the anxiety lasted about 30 seconds before my body just intuitively pushed harder into the turns."

Split Squats were the first real hurdle - December 18th

But the progress came quickly. Back squats with confidence - February 14th

NXFT's Performance Program delivers progressive training, specific to each client. We understand that tailoring a program to our clients’ needs is not just about where you want to end up, but also how you want to get there. Training for a ride or for a recovery is not only about the physical aspects, but is also about ensuring a program compliments a rider’s lifestyle, and making sure it’s a Program you can follow and enjoy.

I've always said, "the Stronger you are, the further you are from injury" Geoff’s experience proves that out. Not only that, but with his new PR's in the weights room, we've seen PR's on the trails. His hard work and consistency have led to renewed confidence and and ahigher ceiling for performance.

We're so glad you’re back doing what you love, Geoff! Imagine what we'll be able to acheive next season without the need for rehab!

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