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Lifelong Movement

From High Performance Rugby to Post Injury Rehabilitation and everything in between. My carreer in Strength & Conditioning has placed me in an ideal place to help Competitive and Recreational Athletes hit new levels of performance as well as extending their athletic careers and health-span. This is Pro-level Sport Science, that works when you have a day-job.

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My Story

Su programa de Coaching en línea comienza con una evaluación remota y un inventario de estilo de vida. Entonces podemos establecer objetivos SMART y hacer que veas mejoras en la semana 1.

With more time in the Coast Mountains came exposure to other Sports, and despite a steep learning curve (yes, the Lost-Lake trails in Whistler had me beaten and frustrated at first - lol) Mountain Biking crept in and eventually took over in a big way.

Now I had all 12 months of the year covered for activity, and their synergy was a bonus. Not only did I have to develop my ability to point myself downhill and stay alive, but I also had to turn a 235lb Rugby body into an uphill machine. It was clear I had found a routine to keep me occupied for the next decade!

I guess this is why I believe in taking a seasonal approach to fitness - shifting focus periodically keeps you fresh and motivated as well as protects against injury and over-training. There are a few other things I believe in too, that might resonate with you. 

-If you take a performance approach to your training, and I mean long-term performance. You'll enhance your quality of life as well as life and health spans. Weight management will come without effort and you'll have greater protection against illness and injury.

-There's always another challenge out there for you to master.

-Even if you're an olympian, you can always get fitter in one way or another. And if you're not, the scope is even greater!  

-If you can get stronger, fitter, and more flexible this month and next month. Then it's only logical that you can extend that progress into later life, so long as you're patient. 

-The only thing that'll stop you, is injury. So you better prioritize injury mitigation and rehabilitation. 

-Progress is made when you string together consistent weeks and months of training. Not in one Killer workout.

-Everyone benefits from Strength Training. But appropriate Strength training can and should look very different from person to person.

My Key Qualifications & Experience

BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science. 

12 years of High-level Rugby as a player and Trainer

4 years of Exercise Rehabilitation

10 years and counting of Personal Training & Trainer Development  in Vancouver, BC

5 years of Personal Training in Canadas Adventure Capital - Squamish, BC

4 years as an Online Coach

Several Multi-Day and 100+ Days Back Country Skiing. AST 1 Certification

Several Self Supported Multi-Day, Road and off Road Bike Packing trips. 

Century Road ride (100miles)

3000meter Road Climb (9842 feet)

Mountain Bike Marathon finisher

200+ Days a year on a bike or Skis

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