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Uphill and downhill. 

I'm Passionate about Ski Touring. I might not get 50 days in at the resort, but I need to know I'm fit enough to get into the backcountry and to the top of the mountain as well as Strong enough to get myself out of complex terrain in challenging conditions, safely. 

Front side/
Back side

Ski Goals

 Skiing presents unique biomechanical challenges that require specific preparation. Whether you like powering yourself to the top of the Mountain, or riding the Chairlift, we've got you covered. 

Free Riding

Lift Access

Charge Harder. Ski more laps. Withstand injury. Like always, the Performance program will focus on the core demands of your sport. -Lower body. Eccentric strength so you can handle the G-force of carving turns, bumps and flat landings. Concentric strength for Jump turns quicker edge transitions and boosting jumps. -Core stability for greater control under G-force loading. Explosive core strength for more dynamic weight transfer. -Upper body strength for stronger poling and greater crash resistance.

Back Country

Being Fit in the Back Country is non-negotiable. The Performance program for back country skiers includes; -The same lower body strength development we use in our Lift Access approach. -Build your backcountry skiing stamina so you'll be able to recover quickly after long efforts and complete back-to-back days in the Backcountry. -Build your aerobic conditioning, specifically for uphill power and endurance. -Build load-carrying capability so you can pack your overnight gear without having to worry about every last gram.


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 Every Autumn, I know the performance programs going to have me ready for opening day laps, top to bottom. Not only that but big days in the backcountry are always on the table when conditions allow. My fitness is at a high-level year-round thanks to the Performance Program.

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I ruptured my PCL and wasn't sure if I'd be able to ski ever again. Thanks to Alex's understanding of the sport and it's demands, I was back on the slopes in 3 months.

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I was approaching 40 and I thought it was time to just accept I couldn't charge as hard anymore.  Well last season ended up being one of my best and I think this year is shaping up to be even better

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