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Why Most Cyclists are wrong about strength Training

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Riders, if you hate the gym that's OK. But stop telling everyone else it's not beneficial for their Riding

  1. Cycling is a power sport. More Strength = More Power.

  2. Pro riders all strength train these days. If you think they're not -you're living in the past. Typical Pro riders (of all disciplines) are in the gym 3 days per week in the off season working on core and lower body strength as well as upper body mobility and muscle balance. And they don't stop during the season.

  3. We can develop leg strength far more quickly and effectively with Strength Training, than we can on the bike. With limited time for strength specific rides, the amateur rider stands to gain more from strength training than our Professional peers.

  4. No - getting stronger doesn't mean you'll get heavier. You can increase muscular strength without getting huge.

  5. Legs locked in and performing the same partial range of movement for hours on end, back rounded like a pooping dog, neck craning up just to look forwards. Strength programs for cyclists should un-do those postural no-no's and have you moving freely and standing tall whenever you're not on the bike. Strength Training will keep you riding, without injury, for longer.

  6. A good strength program will improve your mobility which means you'll be able to get in to more effective, more comfortable positions on the Bike, resulting in more fun and greater performance.

You can probably tell I'm pretty passionate about this whole Gym thing. The thing is, I'm not obsessed with working out. I'm obsessed with getting the most out of my body, for the longest time possible. I want to be active in to old age AND have a high level of performance all the way through. If you want the same thing, and you need some help getting on track, book a call to see if we're a good fit.

Or if you just want to have a sniff around for some useful free content check out Strength Training for Cyclists .

Speaking of free content, you can check out the at home movement assessment, Free Strength Program, Free core program. Wow that's a lot of free!

Yours, in health


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