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I'm looking for 10 Riders, Starting June 1st!

To register - email me directly at

This is the third year I've been running Personalized Strength Programs for Mountain Bikers. From Junior aspiring Pros destined for the UCI, to a Teacher looking to regain their confidence on the bike after a nasty injury. I'm proud to say that without fail, I've seen every Athlete come through their program, Performing Stronger on the Bike than ever. Here's how it works

Here's a look at some of the programming my MTB Athletes went through way back in the winter.

I provide a Personalized program, targeting specific goals set by the Athlete.

The athlete executes the Program, and we monitor the results.

I make adjustments based on those results as we go along.

They achieve their Goal of a Milestone Race or Epic ride.

And then comes the question.

What now?

For many, it's a case of "Here's the next Target, let's go get it!"

But not everyone can afford to have a Personal Online Coach 12 months a year. I understand, It adds up. Riders want to know how they can keep making progress with less dependence on me and less of a financial outlay.

Here's your answer!

So this year, I'm trialling my first Group (or Squad) program!

The Program will consist of 3x workouts per week. 1x Strength 1x Power and 1x Recovery and it'll be delivered via TrueCoach to your Phone.

Every exercise will be scalable to your ability and the equipment you have available

Programs will cycle in 4-week blocks, to ensure that you get the progressive overload that you need without the risk of overtraining. And each Training block will have a flexible, Built-in deload week for when you have that Big Ride planned, or you're just feeling run-down.

The ultimate aim of the program is to make sure that you finish the season as strong as when you started it. If you haven't been training to a high level lately, that's totally fine. This group actually stands to gain the most!

This Program is for you IF -

-You want to perform at your best on the bike this season - even if that means just being faster than your buddies!

- You want to be a Fitter Human as well as a Stronger Cyclist.

-You're interested in Long-Term Health as well as Short term Performance gains.

- You want to be capable of riding longer, harder and more often.

The cost is a snip at $50 USD per month. There's no commitment and you can cancel at any time. But as always, I advise people to give a program 3 months to be able to see real results - even though you'll probably feel awesome after 2 weeks :)

If you're interested in Joining up - email me directly at

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