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Riding Bikes -

A Passion

 All you want to do is ride your bike, I get it. Me too. Here's the good news.

You CAN enhance your riding without sacrificing hours every week. In fact it can take as little as 15 minutes, 4 times a week.


My approach is all about getting the most bang, out of your minimal workout time.

First, you have to be honest about what needs work.

Scroll down to see what might be holding you back....

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Core Components -

1. Aerobic Capacity  

2. Skeletal Muscle Strength

One lap is often enough, and anything more wipes you out. Punchy sections mean you need a rest and on the long climbs you just want to survive.


Increase your V02 and/or Power to Weight Ratio to supercharge your climbing.

Professional Rider

Bike Handling 

Core Components

1. Upper Body

2. Core 

3. Lower Body

You struggle to keep the flow going through technical sections. Corners are a wrestling match with your bike. You feel like the bike is riding you.

Take control of your Bike and the Trail. 

Mountain Biker

Injury &

Pain management

Core Components -



3. Post/Pre Op conditioning

You're hurt and you want to get back on the bike. Or you're riding and just can't shake that niggle.

What our Clients are saying

"Nexus Fit provides amazing support throughout the online scheme so that it doesn’t feel like a remote service. Workouts are tailored to my own goals and change throughout the year to suit the seasons' upcoming activities. Nexus Fit remains in constant, one-to-one contact to add that necessary personalized touch. "

-Pete N.

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