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Junior MTB-introduction to Strength Training


The best Cycling Programs are made up of 2 main components - RIDE and LIFT. At any given part of the season, they'll combine to form 100% of your training volume. Sometimes it'll be a 70:30 split like in the winter up here in Northern climes.  Other times it might be closer to a 15:85 like when you're deep into race season and we just want you to do the bare minimum in the weights room to maintain your gains. 


This program is designed for aspiring competitive Junior Mountain Bikers. It's best implemented before the competition season starts so you still have time to spend Lifting. The program assumes that you are riding regularly and leaves time and recovery for that. If you need ride programming then we can provide it in addition to this program. The Junior MTB plan starts with a movement literacy block intended to teach the fundamentals of creating a stable skeleton with which to apply maximum force to those pedals and maneuver the bike more proficiently. Junior Hypertrophy Training and Work capacity engrain good habits and teach efficiency. Finally Strength training and concentric/eccentric force management complete the block. 

You'll train 3 times per week in the gym. Each session should take less than 90 minutes if you are efficient with your time. 


This program is designed around the following goals:

Teach Movement Literacy:


Learn the basics of Push, Pull, Squat, Carry

Engrain Good Movement Patterns under load:

Goal: Learn to Bench Press, Pull-up, Front Squat, Deadlift

Injury Mitigation:

Goal: Strengthen key areas - namely neck and shoulders in order to protect against common impact and fall injuries. Provide variety in movement plane to protect against repetitive strain. This is an important focus of all de-load weeks.

Build eccentric and concentric strength for maximal pedaling power

Goal: Plyometric Movements such as jump squat & Jump lunge

Bike Handling

Goal: Upper body strength and Core Strength


WEEKS 1 & 2 - Movement literacy

WEEKS 3 & 4 - Learning to handle a barbell

WEEKS 5-7  - Learning the front Squat, Developing Bench Press, Explosive Movements

WEEK 8 - Learning to De-Load.

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