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World Class Methods, tailored for you

Perform better on your Bike, this season


Live a healthier, longer life

The Problem

You're working your ass off and you're not getting any fitter. 

Good News

The Solution

Traditionally the most effective training programs have been designed for the pros. Not the likes of you and I,  who have to balance our passion for biking with the responsibilities of family life and our day jobs. 

And it sucks because we need those results more than ever. 

- You let your fitness slide in your 30s to chase your career or start a family

-Your VO2, Strength, Muscle mass all drop after 40

-Injury risk increases

You want to weigh less without losing muscle mass. 

But you can't put 15 hours a week into training. 

I feel your pain. 

You don't have to accept that this decline is inevitable. You can even reverse it. Each Month, my clients are seeing results they didn't think were possible a few years ago.

All you need is the right approach.

Elevate Your Mountain Biking Journey AND future fitness with My  Personalized High Performance Program!

I bring 20 years of real-world experience—from pro rugby,  injury Rehabilitation and active aging. Now, I’m in Squamish, BC—the mountain biking Mecca. I'm driven by Long-term progress over quick fixes. But here’s the secret sauce: I’ve mastered the art of crafting world-class strength programs for busy amateurs like you.

Why Me?

  1. I'm in the same boat as you. Trying to safe guard my long-term health for my family and business,  all while doing something I love - Mountain Biking. 

  2. Because I understand your challenges. I take a true Holistic Approach: Your life isn’t just gym sessions and riding bikes. It’s work, family, and the thrill of the trails. 

  3. I've got 20 years of working with  Pro Hockey, Rugby and Mountain Bikers, as well as acute post-injury rehabilitation and complex file management. 

  4. 100's of satisfied Online Clients, my online programs leave nothing to chance and arm you with all the answers.

  5. The 4-Phase Guarantee: My unique process ensures results. You will see measurable gains.

Ready to start? No matter what time of year, we're going to identify areas for improvement right off the bat and have you riding harder, and having more fun, for longer.

Let's see how far you can go.

What's in the Program


Strength Training 

After a comprehensive video assessment, we'll work together to create a personalized,  strength program that works for you.  Whether you're in your home gym, on a work trip or at your local gym. If you're a total beginner or a seasoned veteran in the weights room, we'll see results. 

Endurance programming

However, you like to train. I can work with Zwift, TrainerRoad or provide my own endurance programming through the app. By controlling your strength and endurance efforts, we can be sure you're getting maximum adaptation without risking overtraining or wasted effort. 

Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 11.43_edited.jpg

Nutrition Support

You'll have full nutritional support.

-A Personalized dietary report

-Ongoing lifestyle coaching

- Accountability features within your programming.


One Service

  • Monthly Membership: $350 CAD

  • 3-Month Intro Package: Save 10%

  • 6-Month Intro Package: Save 15%

What Sets the Performance Program  Apart

Personalized Programming

What sets this approach apart? 


-Your body

-your life 

-your goals.

There's no AI for this. No two programs are the same. We'll perform a thorough assessment before meeting you where you're at, and we'll progress at your pace. 

1 Expert Coach & A small stable of Athletes

I've worked with mountain sports athletes for over a decade with 100's of positive results. I've developed a proven training pathway, capable of catering to your specific needs and goals and moving at your pace.

Your programming will always come directly from me. No contractors, call centres etc. I cap the number of athletes I work with to ensure you get the attention to detail you deserve.  

That's why I can only on-board a couple of new clients per month. 

Flexible Programming

The most effective program is the one you can adhere to long term. You can take the Performance Program with you anywhere you go and fire it up any time you like. Miss a day? No problem. Pick up a bug and need to modify your workouts? No problem. 

Blaine, BC CAN

 "I completed a 60km race as part of a relay team last year. This year, I was determined to do the whole thing solo. Alex’s performance program saw me over the line with plenty to spare. Highly recommend "

Shawn, CO USA

"I needed something on top of just riding a whole bunch. My progress had stalled, and keeping up with the kids was becoming a challenge. I suspected an online coach could help, and I was right. Alex and the  Performance Program unlocked power on the bike that I hadn’t seen before"

Geoff, ON CAN

"My confidence and my ankle were shattered. But the performance program brought me back from struggling to walk, to riding harder than I was before. I was racing after year one and in year two I was Bike touring in Iceland"
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