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Your Epic Ride - 8 Week Program

The best Cycling Programs are made up of 2 main components - RIDE and LIFT. This program is comprehensive and contains both - with total training volume and rest taken in to consideration. 


EPIC RIDE is designed for Mountain Bikers of any ability who intend to take on a big challenge this season - be it a multi-stage enduro race, Marathon XC or a Hut to Hut Trans Alps adventure. 8 weeks includes two de-load weeks so you can follow the program right up until day 1 of your event.

This program does not touch on Bike skills, only Bike Fitness, so you should be sure you are choosing an appropriate event for your skill level at the onset of this program.

There are 3-4 LIFT workouts per week and a further 3-4 RIDE workouts per week. The Epic Ride plan includes self-testing so you can rest assured you are making gains throughout the program. Hypertrophy Training and Work capacity engrain good habits and teach efficiency. Finally, Strength training and concentric/eccentric force management complete the block before a lighter week to leave you primed for your Epic Ride

This program will take a time commitment. Be prepared for 10+ hours of training per week. You will also be sore, especially at the beginning. But it all builds to leave you in the best bike shape of your life. 


This program is designed around the following goals:

Injury Mitigation:

Goal: Strengthen key areas - namely neck and shoulders in order to protect against common impact and fall injuries. Provide variety in movement plane to protect against repetitive strain. This is an important focus of all de-load weeks.

Power Output:

Goal: Build concentric leg power, stable core and upper body to apply maximum pedaling power when you want.

Goal: Engine Building to increase your daily mileage.


Bike Handling

Goal: Increase Upper Body and Core Strength through Hypertrophy and strength blocks.

Goal: Eccentric and concentric strength for bike handling under G-force.

Goal: Master plyometric Movements such as jump squat & Jump lunge under strain.


WEEKS 1-3 - Hypertrophy, Lactate Tolerance, Aerobic Base Building

WEEK 4 - De-load week 1. Keep RIDING Variation of LIFT movements to strengthen stabilizers and maintain joint health

WEEKS 5-7  - LIFT Develop maximal strength, Express Strength explosively. Build Anaerobic Power.

WEEK 8 - Light RIDE, Body Maintenance LIFT. This is your body's pre-ride tune-up.

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