The whole team knows my threshold for pain and suffering. When I can handle it, I get the push I need . When I am mentally drained from work, or just tired, the main goal is to get me a workout and make me feel better mentally and physically. 


I'm much older than when I started with Nexusfit :) But I'm now stronger, more flexible and my cardio is better than ever. Oh and my back pain is a thing of the past!


I have seen a massive increase in my cardio fitness and have gained a lot of strength. I'm very comfortable in the gym and have a good knowledge of what I am doing and why!

Mountain Biking


Alex and I have been working on knee strength and movement. I’ve never been able to hike down a mountain or walk down floors of stairs without pain and locking of the knee. Now, I can and it was shocking to make it down a set of crazy hiking stairs and feel strong and confident. 


Alex helped me hit aerobic levels I never thought were possible. My whole lifestyle is healthier from nutrition, to sleep. And I'm now confident working out on my own, knowing that It's making a difference!


Alex' programming for the MTB has helped me expand my comfort zone for Mountain Biking. I'm now stronger climbing on all day rides as well as technical pedals. I'm sure it's even helped me to descend better, now I can arrive at the top, fresher.